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Student agency in action in the Northern Territory

Authors: Tanya Vaughan , Summer Howarth , Sandy Cartwright , John Cleary

NT Learning Commission – Junior advisors pitch to Ministers

“The student commissioners are using real data and conducting sophisticated analyses to identify and find solutions to their school’s own challenges.”

Bees Creek Primary School examined why students and teachers had different views on learning and engagement after their student survey result showed a decline in the response to the statement ‘My teacher understands how I learn’.Katherine High School investigated the difference between a compliant student and an engaged student, using evidence-based approaches to identify the most engaging teaching practices that will improve student learning. Wagaman and Manunda Terrace Primary Schools both looked at teacher feedback and how that influenced the way students learned.

Tomorrow’s leaders are bringing together innovative ways of learning

Chief Minister visits the NTLC

“The student commissioners have examined their school’s data and used it to construct solutions to issues such as attendance, engagement, wellbeing and improvement.This is a great initiatives which ensures students voice are heard.”